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I got this really funny email from Mildred. lil things like that make me love her more.

another person i love is berlyn! she sent me the paris hilton sex tape. when i got it i didnt wanna open the box. it looked all nice with the me first and the gimme gimme paper. it took me like 5mins to open it. it had like 10 layers of tape. hehe thanx again heather!!

we played at the Anarchy Library last tuesday. it was really fun. we all felt weird cuz its a 21+ bar. but the people liked us. they kept yelling "shmuk it up". hehe good times.

we had another show last nite but we didnt end up playing. why? cuz the people at mylocalbands.com are fuckin jerks!! they make a shit load of money off local bands. we had to sell 50 tickets at 10bux each. another thing that sucked about the show was that it was on a sunday. so yeah, they said if we dont sell all the tickets, we still had to give the full amount plus an extra 100bux. what a bunch of assholes!! anyways i felt bad cuz a couple of my friends went down. eek sorry!

i need a hair cut. dont i look cool playing the drums

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