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Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. [entries|friends|calendar]
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[25 Mar 2004|10:33pm]
[ mood | silly ]

i believe in a thing called loooooooove!!

damn that song kicks ass!!

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[18 Mar 2004|04:55pm]
[ mood | bored ]

am 50%
You Beat Me?

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[13 Mar 2004|08:14pm]
[ mood | bored ]

yay we got shows coming up!! so if you have nothing to do come out and hang with the shmuks!!

April 13th,2004
@The Anarchy Library
13250 Woodruff Ave, Downey CA, 90242
The Shmuks, Psuedo Star, The Politicians, The Fashioned. show stars at 8pm. 5bux! 21+

Apill 18th,2004
@Club Zen Sushi
2609 Hyperion ave, Silverlake Ca, 90027
The Shmuks, bands t.b.a.
Tickets are 10bux. All Ages. Contact us if you like to buy tickets for this show.

June 12th,2004
@Club Miguel
1338 W.Court St, Los Angeles,CA 90026
Broken Pride, Strong Arm And The Bullies, The Shmuks, Angel City Outcasts, Ragtime Revolutionaries, Societys Parasites
show starts at 7pm. Only 2bux!!!

If anybody wants to buy tickets for the April 18th show, email me at funanu@hotmail.com

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[12 Mar 2004|01:02pm]
well im getting my koi fish shaded in today. its about time too. i gotta be at silverlake tattoo shop at 1:30. love it!

2day is payday but ima get my check tomorrow. to lazy to ride my bike just to pick up my check. i need a car.
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[27 Feb 2004|04:20pm]
so i dont understand this whole not eating meat today because its good friday or whatever. its makes no difference anyways. your gonna eat meat the next day right?? you ate meat the day before. what makes today different from yesterday or tomorrow?? im not vegan(although i was pretty much all last month at my job due to mad cow) or anything i just see no point to it.

today is pay day!! i gotta go cash in my check. i really wanna finish up my arm but i also need a car asap. so as of now i gotta put personal shit aside for a while till i get a car. i miss having a car!! i come home from work and do nothing but play xbox live all day.

i like how i have my room now. i got some stuff from ikea. me and my mom went yesterday and she fell inlove with ikea. she really wants to change the whole house now. lets see what happens.

i got the weekend off!! yay for me! i hope i do something too!! i never do anything when i get weekends off from work. anybody wanna hang out with me?? pretty please!! with sugar on top!!

one more thing, everybody keeps telling me that im going emo! okay okay so i kinda did. but hey that music is pretty cool. im not a hardcore emo fan but i do listen to yellowcard, story of the year, new found glory and other bands. i got into that whole south-bay area music like 1208, pennywise. i also fell inlove with anti-flag, rise against and boucing souls. so yeah fuck you, fuck you, FUCK YOU, your cool and im out!!
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the password is.. [19 Feb 2004|07:41pm]
[ mood | silly ]


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[17 Feb 2004|07:06pm]
i can say im never gonna talk to her or stop thinking about her. but when it comes down to it yes im in love with her. i love being her friend. i love hating her. i love loving her. i love her for being in my life. i kept telling people that i was over her. i kept telling myself that i wasnt gonna think of her. who am i kidding. shes the love of my life. yes Mildred is the love of my life. i dont care if people talk shit about this. i dont care if people call me emo or whatnot. yes im in love. and i love it.

in other news, i bought myself too many things for my xbox. i got Crimson Skies on friday along with the headset. best fuckin game ive played! that game fuckin kicks ass on xbox live(online). and today and i get Star Wars Jedi Knights: Jedi Academy and the control to play dvds. hey i gotta keep myself busy right? i get off from work at 2:30 and i have nothing to do. i should go back to school.

fuck i hate not having a car. cops took it away cuz the tags were expired. must buy a new car soon!! i hate having to ask my mom for rides to work. i left my chevell cd in the car. damn that cd was dope too!

i saw 50 first dates last night with my cousins. that movie is cool. its the perfect movie to watch with your g/f or b/f. everybody should see it.
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[15 Feb 2004|12:12am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

ive saved every email Mildred has ever sent me. 148 in total. i just deleted all of them. its time to move on. yep its time to move on.

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[08 Feb 2004|09:57pm]
[ mood | blah ]

ive been loving my job for the past couple weeks now. everybody gets along with eachother. i cant remember it being like that. when i started working there 2 years ago, almost everybody hated someone. now everybody is at peace. nice!!

i havent talk to Mildred since blah i cant remember. ive told a lot of people what happend with me and her, and everybody tells me the samething. just get over her already!! i feel like i am getting over her. and not to sound mean but it dont wanna be her friend anymore. why you ask. well maybe oneday i'll post up what happend between me and her. fuck it.

think i'll get my right arm done on friday. ive been doing a good job at saving my money. hmm maybe i'll go to ikea and buy some stuff for my bed. maybe a whole new set. lets see whats up.

i got a cell phone now. hope i dont fuck this one up. if anybody wants to text me its 213-820-7376

oh yeah i forgot how much green day kicks ass!! dookie is the best album i ever bought!

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i need a hair cut! [30 Jan 2004|11:20am]
[ mood | silly ]

haha my hair looks like the guys from A Flock of SeagullsCollapse )

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oh yeah [30 Jan 2004|10:59am]
[ mood | calm ]

2day is pay day. i'll go pick up my check later today. i loving having days off from work. i get up around 10a.m. and it feels good!! but tomorrow back to waking up at 5:15a.m. oh well i need some new shows. my white dc got kinda dirty. so did my black and blue ones. i need pants. i shall buy some 2day. maybe some jeans. i dont own a pair of jeans. yep yep shmuks need to practice soon.

i gotta do my taxes too. i almost forgot about that. hope i get some money back. that way i can buy my car soon. i wanna get a 4runner. so i can fit my drum set and maybe Yoshios bass amp too. i found some for like $4,000. a 1993 toyota 4runner. ive always like those cars. maybe cuz my mom had one before and i learned how to drive in that car.

for the first time i really saved my last pay check. i didnt buy anything for myself. i just gave my mom the rent money and my sis the cable money. i had like 400bux left over. i saved the rest. i wanna put this check in the bank too. i have to learn how to save my money!!

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[29 Jan 2004|10:57pm]
[ mood | bored ]

i got the Industrial piercing today. damn it was cool. i might get the other ear tomorrow.
piercingCollapse )

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[24 Jan 2004|10:43pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

you know that sux? when everything seems to be going well for you and then everything you wished and hoped for comes crashing down on top of you. man i dont even know what to type other then im never going to be with the person i love. i know that in time i'll learn to forget and move on. thats 2 that i have let get away.

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[22 Jan 2004|02:26pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

too many stuff going on at work right now. more drama then i can handle. the afternoon people are starting to hate me because ive been bitching a lot. well what the fuck man! they leave the fuckin kitchen all dirty. and since im the 2nd person to show up in the morning, i have to help the other cook clean up the mess. when i worked in the afternoon i did fuck around. but i always made sure to clean up whatever i left behind. fuckers!

im done with the new obscene records web site. took me about 2 days to do it. i havent done any web site in a while. plus i felt bad for not helping out much with the label. i like how the site came out. yep yep. www.obscenerecords.com

today is my dads birthday. i havent talk to him in months. i fell i should just end this today. i wanna buy him that new rolling stones dvd. think ima do that today.

been talking to mildred a lot. which is always a good thing. things are going well too. think ima ask her to be my g/f soon.

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i gotta say today was a good day! [14 Jan 2004|02:44pm]
[ mood | happy ]

so yesterday started out pretty cool. but then i waited all day for someone to show up and nothing. so i got kinda mad and went for a bike ride in downtown. which turned out to be fuckin cool cuz i saw RANCID!! yep rancid filming a new video. they let me go in and watch. it was fuckin bad ass!! too bad i didnt have my camera with me. but i did jack a sign on my way home!

came home and talked to cindy on the phone for a while. no im not seeing her or anything. shes just a good friend. she calls me when she has b/f problems which is everyday. and yeah i call her when im having problems. so anyways after we hung up mildred called me. talked for a long ass time. i feel alseep with a big smile!

day off today and it already kicked ass! why you ask. cuz mildred came over!! she just left like 20mins ago. im still in love with her! we watched the ring on tv. it was cool cuz she dont like scary movies so i tryed everything for her to watch it. i was hugging her and holding her hand and yeah getting really close to eachother. she did a "tattoo" on me. its a heart with an M in the middle of it. i love her.

the rancid sign i tookCollapse )

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[09 Jan 2004|12:30pm]
"Three kids are in school. A white kid, a black kid and a mexican kid. The teacher tells them to make a sentence with the words liver and cheese.The white kid says: "My mom made me a liver and cheese sandwich and it was sooo good".The black kid says: "My daddy told my momma to get the government cheese and she didn't so my daddy punched her in the liver".The mexican kid says: "Some kids were trying to look under my sister's dress and I told the cabrones, hey!, liver alone, cheese my sister!"
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poor fish. [08 Jan 2004|06:06pm]
[ mood | blah ]

oh god i felt so bad at work today. they gave baked cod for lunch. thing was that i had to cut the damn fish myself! the cook called in sick so they asked me if i can do it. my dumb ass said yes. well ive seen him cook that fish like 10 times already. so yeah i had to cut the fish open and clean it out. the part that sucked is when i had to cut the head off. never doing that again! but it if i wanna be a cook i gotta learn to deal with it right?

i have friday off! kick ass. i havent done the smog check on my car yet. well i did but it didnt pass. it needed the gas cap and someother shit for the air filter. i got the gas cap i just need to buy the other shit. everything will be done tomorrow!!!

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[07 Jan 2004|10:07pm]
oh yeah i was gonna write about the whole mad cow thing. well i was reading the time magazine and damn im not gonna eat any meat for a while. okay thats is. damn mad cow!! no meat at my job for now too. not even milk. so its soy milk and soy everything. we had a veggie burger not to long ago. gotta say it was pretty damn good!
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[07 Jan 2004|09:56pm]
did overtime at my job today. from 6am till 8pm. fuck i kick ass!! its gonna be a good pay check. i'll have overtime and new years overtime. kick ass!!!

damn i forgot what the hell i wanted to write about. haha oh well.
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popeye arm [03 Jan 2004|07:52pm]
[ mood | good ]

dont let time fly away by killing it.Collapse )

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